Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Monthly African Condiment Subscription Box

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Delivered to your Doorstep every month ~ perfect on meat, fish, sauces and more. #Vegan#Vegetarian

Mola foods, Inc brings you exquisite, authentic, ethnic African taste of relishes and seasonings on a recurring schedule every month. Think of Mola subscription Box as a club for people who love African food. Simply choose your Relish or seasoning and the quantity. Receive your shipment, and indulge!

The finest exquisite, authentic, ethnic taste from around the world. Mola Foods is the new Kitchen staple that everyone should Have.

Have you ever had a taste for something different or needed to add some life to your food and just didn’t know where to look? Well, then, look no further!  Mola foods Inc. is here to satisfy your craving whether you are looking for familiar favorites or introducing the flavors of culture and cuisine to the next generation. It will certainly become your new kitchen staple!

My Ethnic Condiments Box is a subscription box for everyone who loves African food and wants to add a depth of flavor to their food. Each box contains a great selection of sauces and condiments. We also include a bonus item to add mystery to our box each and every month.

Our Story :

It all started with a friend approaching me with the idea to start a chili sauce company with Cameroonian chilies. At the time I found the idea silly. But later I started to entertain it and with that came the birth of our Chili Relishes. I reached out to my best friend Tiffany pitching the idea to her as me wanting to build a platform for people who love ethnic food and creating condiments from around the world. Not knowing that this has been my best friend dream, she stayed silent on the other end of the phone then said she would like nothing but to venture with me in adding depth into flavors with ancient ethnic recipes from around the African Continent as this has always been her dream. From there our adventure began. The main purpose being to introduce the flavors of culture and cuisine to the next generation by making Mola Foods the new kitchen staple


I’m excited about this seasoning! I can’t wait to purchase a few of these Mola seasonings to put in my collection ! Mola seasoning made my dishes taste extra flavorful! yum~Tamara, Atlanta, GA

Got my Mola seasoning in the mail yesterday! Couldn’t wait to open the package and try it! I happened to be cooking ground beef so I added my Mola seasoning to it, it was magical! I am not much into eating beef but this time was different. Mola seasoning added a great most delicious texture to my ground beef sauce, I couldn’t get enough of it! I added my Mola seasoning to my salmon today! -Nadia, Boston

What’s in The Box?

Each box contains a great selection of sauces and condiments. We also include a bonus item to add mystery to our box each month.
Have a look at the Indiegogo link below for more information.

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