Thursday 16 August 2018
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The Millennials Guide to Plant-Based Diets

Help Health Koncious make plant based diets an option for all incomes!

We are in need for 15,000 to support the startup funds for Health Koncious to publish “TheMillenials Guide to Plant-Based Diets”, as well as manufacture her many specialty items: protein powders, dairy free cheese sauce, and seitan (faux chicken). We are currently in need of a commercialized kitchen with plaenty of walkin space to hold all of our meal prep orders. As well as kitchen equipment. This will not fundme andmy dreamsthis will also create jobs for non violent ex fellons and tennagers interested in the culinary arts field.

About Me/ Health Koncious

The idea for Health Koncious was birthed through a series of life events beginning with the tragic unexpected death of Chef Nicole Asali’s closest friend at the ripe age of 26. “Having a loved one taken by an auto immune disease that has been proven to be controlled through a plant based diet is one of the most awakening things that can happen to you. I didn’t know then what our food does to us bu…t now I’m empowered by the possibilities of saving another’s life simply by informing them. I know Health Koncious can make it happen.”says Nicole Asali

Once Nicole Asali became knowledgeable of how food can heal she soon collided into multiple hurdles of reading and understanding labels, knowing where to shop, knowing what to eat, understanding how to prepare the food, affording organic products, staying committed without support from friends and family, enjoying the food she ate, missing comfort foods, and eating family meals on the Holidays. These all became real problems that didn’t have any functional resolutions. “Living a healthy plant based lifestyle became exhausting and felt impossible”

She knew she was fully committed but completely understood why someone wouldn’t, but with all the benefits of a plant based diet it would be insane to give it up. So she decided to create something that could help regular people transition into a plant based lifestyle. “ Its not about being perfect or eating how I tell you too. Its about giving people the option to become consciously aware of what they eat and to make it feel like a possibility. “

If you want to support this project, you can do so by donating on their Indiegogo page:

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