Friday 17 August 2018
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Metalsmith G.E Ltd

Metalsmith General Engineering Ltd, my passion injected into a company. After leaving the Army as a master welder, I want to be free to design and manufacture bespoke items from scrap like my BB Car pictured to the Left (BBQ named by my son and now apprentice). Also to carry out General Engineering services to commercial and consumer clients, that represent my values and standards that have been drummed into me from basic training.

As you can probably agree it’s an expensive venture starting up a new business. I want to be able to provide my customers the service they deserve and expect.

  • My name is Paul Bateson and I am the MD and founder of Metalsmith General Engineering Ltd ( MTSM-GE)
  • The main aim of this campaign is to raise funds for my new start up company to invest in some of the more productive items my company would benefit from having.
  • Looking a bit further forward I aim to hopefully be in a position to train the next generation of welding apprentices funding will accelerate this plan so initially I can train 2 apprentices rather than one.
  • On a personal note I want to give back the same training, work ethics and opportunities I was fortunate to have. I left education with nothing and joined the Army at 17, Since then I have worked hard to be in the position I am in now.

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