Tuesday 14 August 2018
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Bader Altamimi is a game designer with a difference. This is why his innovative board table top game MegaDama is such a unique game changer. Changing the gaming scene, Bader has come up with this 4 sectioned board game which is a 30 minute table battle that brings out your sense of strategy and challenges your abilities.

Dominating the opponent base or eating 4 of the Damas of the rival is the aim of the game. Cards, action and strategy win over your rivals and the game. Bader has divided this board game into 4 sections namely spotzone, sacrifice zone, deadzone and battleground zone. 4 types of cards are there namely defense, trick, conspiracy and attack.

Putting damas in the different zones has different implications for the player. Looking forward to helping people play it, Bader has worked hard to create the perfect blend of strategy and design to make a unique offering that changes everything and helps players have an adventure of a lifetime.
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