Wednesday 18 July 2018
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MAXiOS charge any 2 phones / tablets & share files anywhere

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1st USB cable w extra USB port (plug in flash drive) + micro USB plug to use Android phone / tablet to charge iPhone / iPad / Android

Florida based BRiK Tech has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the MAXiOS cable that can charge any 2 phones or tablets, and share files anywhere.

MAXiOS is the ONLY cable that enables an Android phone or tablet to charge 2 mobile devices (Apple or Android) AND plug in any USB flash drive for file sharing. It has the first 3-in-1 Connector on the market: a female USB port built into a USB / pull-out micro USB plug on one end. A 2 in 1 micro USB and Lightning combination plug on the other end charges just about any Apple or Android device.

When no USB chargers or battery packs are available, the pull-out micro USB plug grabs power from an Android phone or tablet to charge Apple or Android mobile devices. The female USB port can also connect flash drives, keyboards, or another charging cable to charge 2 devices at once.

MAXiOS stands for MAXimum Input Output Sharing

BRiK Tech did NOT invent or design the USB / micro USB plug module. It was available to cable manufacturers in early 2015, and is now found in hundreds of “magic” cables that use Android phones to charge other mobile devices.

BRiK Tech started selling an improved version of the “magic” cable, and wanted to design something unique and better. So they came up with the exclusive 3-in-1 end with the female USB port and the USB / micro USB plugs. It required customized firmware and mold, as well as the 2 layered silicone cable.

Top quality materials make MAXiOS better:

  • 90 strands of copper wires
  • powder coated plug housings
  • flexible and strong 2 layered silicone cable

MAXiOS is available in black/red, or black/blue-with a retail price of $20.

Wan Tam, the visionary behind the BRiK Tech product line brings decades of experience. BRiK Tech combines the latest technology and top notch quality components for its line of mobile device accessories

About Project Creator:

Mr. Wan Tam

Brik Tech designs products to enhance mobile lifestyles.

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