Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Make The Most

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Make The Most is an awesome new mobile app game with tons of novel features to make financial education fun and rewarding!

The goal of Make The Most is for contestants to create a fantasy portfolio of assets that will appreciate more than other contestants for a period of 1-2 weeks. The contestant with the highest value portfolio at the end of the game wins.

We are highly differentiated from other financial games because of the following factors:

1) Some of our contests may allow contestants to win real-world prizes or to optionally donate their winnings to selected charities.

2) our trading rooms are limited in size and exclusive; players compete against a very small group.

3)we rank each player according to skill; players complete against others of their own skill level and our contests are tailored to specific levels from beginner through expert.

4)Contestants should LEARN and improve their real-life SKILLS while having fun with our games.

5) we integrate automated “advisors” that assist players each day in making better investing decisions.


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