Wednesday 20 June 2018
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Magical Memories Project, refuge children photo experience

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A Magical experience with themed photo shoots for children in refuge homes, creating happy memories with prints to be treasured.

The Magical Memories Project by Adoring Moments Photography aims to give children living within refuge homes a photo shoot experience.

This project means so much to me as I was once living within a refuge and know the fantastic work they do and how important it can be for the families in rebuilding there new lives. Often many people escaping to the refuge leave very quickly, some taking no clothes, toys or anything from there past, this includes photo’s.

The Refuge receives lots of donations such as clothes and toys but this project aims to create happy memories for the child where they can feel special and have fun. These special moments to be captored and printed as gifts that the parent can take on there new journey. There will also be discounted photo’s for other family members to purchase if they wish.

The aim is to raise money to fund the costs involved in travelling to refuge homes and setting up the studio within the premises. The staff, staff checks, clothes, props, equipment and nessery transport to run the project and be able to create special gifts and keep sakes for the kick starter rewards.

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