Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Luxury Boutique Analogue Headphones Helping Kids

For kids today from single-parent homes, the reality on struggling with just one paternal provider can often mean missing out on basic gifts on special occasions without the dual support of both parents. Musician and Recording Artist JC Stylles is setting out to change this challenge forever for kids from such homes with his new brand of wooden, analogue, stylish luxury headphones, under the label JC Stylles Opulears. The program he is implementing is simple, yet powerful in a “pay – it – forward” manner, that not only changes the way the world listens to music and enjoys headphones, but also allows purchasers of the product to brighten the birthday of any needy kids who register their interest through his website.

The range of headphones come in 3 models initially with the Jazz Series, Executive Series and The Signature Series all made from real woods, that provide a genuine analogue warmth to the wearer not normally found in plastic versions. With a large emphasis on being fashionably stylish as well, they are “must have” additions to anyone looking to sport a more unique and boutique set of audio headwear.

Currently running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, JC knows what it’s like to be from a single parent home. Having spent his childhood dreaming of being a musician, he has fulfilled his mission to contribute to sound and quality of music by creating some brilliant tracks. Now JC Stylles Opulears is set for a launch as the aim is to sell headphones and also equip the kids with quality music equipment simultaneously through the Bud4Bud program. As part of this program, every time someone purchases a JC Stylles Opulears headphone, a pair of WoodyBuds will be gifted for free to single-parent kids. So, get out there and make a contribution to a good cause and celebrate the music.
If you want to support this project , Check out the INDIEGOGO Link below:

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