Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Lucid’s Movement: Inspiration Through Music

Lucidious Music makes real, raw, and honest music that touches on the struggles that everyone faces in their own lives. Lucidious Music has become significantly more than just music. It has become a movement and a family of over 100,000 people that come from all different ages and ethnicities.

All of us face adversity and insecurity, but some of us don’t handle the pressure well and spiral into a depression that seems impossible to escape from. Unfortunately, some choose to take their own life instead of seeking out help.

The owner began composing verses as an outlet for his own anxiety and as a way to address negative behavior patterns that were occurring in his life. Initially, writing was something done away from the public eye. Now, thankfully, he shares his compositions with others. These songs, recordings, and messages actually help people. He receives messages from 9 year olds and 65 year olds who face the same insecurities, along with thanks for how his music has helped them overcome issues in their lives.

The songs touch on depression, relationship struggles, family dynamics, suicide, and have enabled listeners to embrace their passions, face their fears, and take ownership of their individual struggles. They help people get out of depression and move them in a positive direction. Sometimes, all that is needed is a little inspiration and an outlet when one is feeling low. Ultimately, we ALL have the power to create happiness in our lives. We are ALL unique and capable in our own way.

Money collected from this crowd funding project will be used to create videos and songs with string messages that will educate all ages on suicide awareness. Contributions will also be used for a world tour that will promote the songs and messages as they are shared with others through live shows. Additionally, the process of starting an organization dedicated to positive mental health changes and suicide awareness will also be formed.
For more information, please visit Lucid’s Movement Campaign page:

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