Tuesday 14 August 2018
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LolliWolliWorld! Inspiring Children to Learn & Grow!

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LolliWolliWorld Infant Products was founded in 2005 by 3 Seattle women to address Elephant poaching, and their possible extinction.

Our mission and goal is to bring awareness about the possible extinction of earths gentle giants. All of our adorable characters were created to educate people about the possible end to some of our most precious wild life, and to teach children the value of eating healthy through our creative “Story Time Pillows”.

We incorporate fun activities into our product line, along with engaging educational materials as well. Our “Fruity Land Kidz Animals Fun Facts Cards’, and our “Super Conservation Kidz” card game will cultivate problem solving skills, and conservation awareness,improve color, and letter recognition, and provide valuable information about the animals natural habitats. We also provide important information about current threats to their survival, and how each animal contributes to conserving earth’s natural resources.Bysupporting our campaign, you will play a part in helping to save many threatened species living in the wild!

About Project Creator:

Hello, my name is Marsha. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I’m a mother, grandmother and small business owner. I enjoy taking hikes along some of our beautiful trails here in Washington State, and love spending time with my family.My daughters and I have a passion for what we do, and look forward to developing new ways to bring our charming characters stories to life!



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