Tuesday 19 June 2018
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Loei Herb – Wild & Purest Medicinal Herbs from Thai

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LOEIHERB Laboratory of oriental Bio Co., Ltd was established in February, 2006. Mission & Philosophy of Loei Herb: Holistic support and improvement of human natural healing, Provide naturally growing and absolutely organic herb to consumers with no chemical process or extraction, From farming to manufacturing-

all in one place under their control, Highest quality-workers, facility, raw material, products and management, Education and guidance regarding herb, nutrition & holistic health.

Thai Wild Herbs products are prepared under different concept from the supplements found on shelves in pharmacies and health food stores. What they offer is literally a bowl of truly natural and medicinal Herb-Salad in the form of tablets. Some of their herbs provide wonderful flavor and taste as tea, and others are better in tablet form. “Good medicine is bitter in the mouth” applies to our herbs too. They developed proprietary technology of forming herb powder into tablets with no artificial binder and filling. They use a tiny amount of organic honey instead of artificial binder, thus their tablets are truly natural.

We human change/modify everything for our convenience, especially commercially. Regardless of organic or mot, all animals and plants grow under human’s control significantly change from the original. They do benefit from that, but also do lose a lot of the gift from nature. Thai Wild Herbs harvest from nature, do no extraction of ingredients for the best synergy effect, add no artificial binders/fillings, and don not use any containers, like capsule or gel. Thai Wild Herbs products are truly natural.

Thai Wild Herbs and its Features


Ma Ruum

Scientific Name: Moringa oreifera lam
Classification: Moringaceae


Abundance of amino acids, multi vitamins, minerals in ideal combination. Almighty herb, referred to as “God’s Plant”. Also contains ingredients expected to effective to prevention of Alzheimer.

khraw kheu khaaw


Scientific name: pueraria candollei grah. Ex benth yar mirifica (shaw & suyat.) niyomdham
Classification: liguminosae – papilion odeae


Includes phytoestrogens, and other ingredients for anti-aging and anti-menopause problems.

An chan: Blue Pea Batterfly


Scientific name: clitornia ternatea
Classification: fabaceaepapilionideae


This plant is known with its very high content of anthocyanin, which is particularly good for vision.
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