Tuesday 14 August 2018
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LitCircle: The Party App – Discover Parties Instantly

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LitCircle is a lifestyle platform giving you unparalleled access to local entertainment and nightlife events.

LitCircle is the Los Angeles party app created by Jordan Nelson. It’s never been so easy to organize your night and discover local events. Born out of LA’s party scene, the app was formed with the simple premise that Facebook and texting are insufficient methods of connecting with your city’s nightlife.

The LitCircle app features:

  1. Discover – Find the best local parties by navigating through videos, flyers and an interactive map.
  2. Connect – Join your friends to find the city’s best parties or to let them know where they should be.
  3. Share – Easily share your night’s most captivating moments.
  4. Promote – Promote your party to friends and further safely broadcast to a wider audience.
  5. Rank – Build your LitCircle rank by attending and hosting awesome parties.

LitCircle regularly hosts avant-garde parties that emblemize the brand as one that actualizes the Millennial dream of attending massive parties. These parties are organize with the simple purpose of promoting the app. Moreover, they are designed to enhance local nightlife and connect with thousands of partiers.

The advantage of the app hosting its own parties is that it doesn’t require other people to begin the sharing curve. It provides parties for people to immediately access and see how great discoverable events can be. That helps a lot in communicating what the app is about.

Jordan Nelson has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $25,000 in order to launch the brand new party app. The fund raised will be used for the following expenses:

  • To hire Los Angeles area party professionals
  • To hire the right DJs
  • To hire graphic designers to create the flyers
  • For rewards, such as printing costs for hats, shirts, cards etc.

In the creator’s own words: I originally conceived of creating a party app two years ago and had no idea I would dedicate the next few years of my life to this concept; the party app just struck me as such a potentially empowering product. It’s even in the name: LitCircle. It sounds like something that belongs right next to the printing press. LitCircle’s origin is all about re-awakening LA’s and then the world’s underground party scene. Warehouses, lofts, homes. There is a cultural movement looking for a technology leap. The product is a fun to use mobile app that connects you and your friends around events.

LitCircle has the potential to upend so many broken systems: no more Facebook events that are unfindable, no more clunky SMS group chats that annoy instead of entertain, no more boring weekends with friends sitting around wondering if anything was going on. I had nothing as a budget when I started this, but through my commitment alone I’ve made progress to the point I’m now releasing an app onto both the iOS and Android platforms.

One of the great things about LitCircle is that besides the app we throw parties. Throwing our own parties means that we have to pay for everything that comes with that: Doormen, bartenders, DJs.

You’ve read this far. You’re ready to support. THANK YOU! But everyone loves perks. Take a look at what they’ve got to offer!


  • Thank You e-mail
  • LitCircle branded lighter
  • LitCircle Shot Glass
  • LitCircle Hat
  • LitCircle T- Shirt
  • LitCircle Party Bag

Thank you so much for any help you’re able to give. And please forward this campaign to anyone you think may be interested and willing to help.

Any amount would count and it would be much appreciated if you are not able to give then to SHARE SHARE SHARE! Thank you all and much love!
Have a look at the Kickstarter link below for more information:

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