Wednesday 18 July 2018
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LIT-LOTTO – The Magic Board game for your Christmas eve

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LIT-LOTTO teaches language and wisdom in the fun and creative way.

A tabletop game that helps to learn the alphabet and the wisdom of language at the same time. It includes cards with proverbs, letter-tiles and philosophy. Kids learn the alphabet easily in the rush of a challenge they start to recognize letters in words. They learn essential vocabulary and the wisdom of language. Knowing and understanding the meaning of these proverbs provides a gateway to the better understanding of cultures.


Nika Wegosky creator of Lit-lotto, an art-activist, co-founder of Smart Space Farm and a mom of two smart boys. She says “Every product with the OhMyGoat! label contributes to charity. In a case of LIT-LOTTO, 

we will donate part of the income to create the LIT-LOTTO for visually impaired and blind people in Braille alphabet.”

Ulia Kudzina is the creator of the social media brand OhMyGoat! The co-founder of Smart Space Farm. Ulia says “one year ago, we have organised a charity festival #OhMyGoat, made tons of souvenirs, and we planted the Charity Oakwood in Belarus and raised this as an international project on the local TED-conference. But first of all we are mothers. As mothers we want our children to grow up wise and educated.

Nika Wegosky invented this game for her kids, who are multilingual, and had difficulties with starting to read. And we want to share it with the rest of the world – it is fun and effectivity in one box. Moreover – we follow our philosophy that came from the fairy-tale “The Wish Oak grew on the Green Goat’s head” that we made the Christmas musical about. That’s why every project with the Magic Goat label contributes to Charity. In a case of lit-lotto we will donate for creating the prototype of the educational board game for Blind kids in Braille alphabet.”

LIT LOTTO- It remains good old games when all family with guests and neighbours kids sat around one table and played scrabbles or Russian lotto – the mechanic of the game is very easy to understand for everybody including toddlers. The Team says “we propose this ready to use product as a good addition for your Christmas table. As well, every proverb has its own very deep meaning, and for me it’s important which one I pull out today – it remains me the Christmas guessing game. We left a shirt of a card with a proverb for therapeutic colouring – fine motoric is very important for developing linguistic skills. And icing on the cake is philosophy: we let our kids to tie a ribbon on the Wish oak every time they win the LIT-LOTTO, we explain them that wishes could be different, but only those can make you happier that contain love and care about others. We illustrated this idea by the qualitative production line: the philosophical musical, the calendar-tree and other magic souvenirs.”


Smart Space Farm, a multidisciplinary team with successful experience in design, production, music, theatre, events, agriculture, and marketing. We do amazing things, moved by creativity and the idea of social enterprise, trying to develop new ideas instantly and every day.


The Team has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising £55,500 in order to make LIT-LOTTO affordable in every language that has alphabet – you get a LIT-LOTTO set in a language you’ve chosen.

The fund raised will be used to make letter-tiles from the best ecological birch tree, with laser-graphic on them, to print things, to sew pouches from natural linen, for logistic and designing LIT-LOTTO in new languages.

And you will get unique perks in change: your family will get LIT-LOTTO in English, Russian, Belarussian or other languages – watch PERKS – for details on the  by special, lower than retail, price earlier than a Christmas.

Exclusive Rewards

LIT-LOTTO –  TABLETOP GAME THAT TEACHES LANGUAGE AND WISDOM, CONTAINS:34 cards with proverbs in selected language; barrels with alphabet; bids; 12 satin ribbons.


Magic Acorn – Great oaks from little acorns grow. You will receive acorn from one from the eldest oaks in Europe with a Christmas card.


Magic Goat – It’s not just a wooden toy/160x100mm. It’s a club card. Check out their LIT-LOTTO community on Facebook for special offers.


Magic Cup – A chameleon cup, ceramic/330ml


Magic Pillow – An embroidered pillowcase, linen/300x300mm


Magic Calendar – A hand-made Calendar with the wish-tree/500x700mm, 12 satin ribbons.


Real Oak Tree – Smart Space Farm will plant a real oak tree for you in the #dubrava555 charity oak wood with this perk you will get a magnetic certificate, information about your tree on-line, possibility to visit your own oak tree.


The team welcomes your messages of support and encouragement, please do leave a message or comment alongside any pledge.

If you want to support this project, you can do so by donating on their Indiegogo page:


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