Wednesday 20 June 2018
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LED device for signaling latera lilight

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Become visible in the dark, protect your life and that of your family. patent


Hello my name is Maria Isabel and I started this project because I realized that there are people who are very vulnerable to traffic violations and accidents.

I have a relative who is in a wheelchair and a night to circulate with my car I was about to run him that went behind a parked car and while passing through the crosswalk did not see him.

This campaign is intended to save lives, because there are several groups that in conditions of poor visibility due to darkness, rain, fog, etc., are not seen until we close.

Those who practice cycling, running, skating or any other sport, today crossed by pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, crossings etc ..

The disabled and the blind are in the same situation, as anyone who walks with his mascota.Y not forget our babies in their shopping !!!

With your help we will achieve to make this invention and between all we can save many lives.

People who work with 60 dollars will be sent at no cost one LILIGHT Exclusive limited edition and only for employees.

What we could not get precio.Una life saved is worth all the effort we are doing and haremos.Pero a small business can not alone, so I ask you to think of yourself if you’ve ever been to one of these groups .

I would like someone to worry about your safety ?.

They also.

If you can not help financially, I beg you to share this campaign and unless you know your loved ones and friends.

Thank you for working on behalf of all.

About Project Creator:

Maria Isabel Santos Benitez

I am a simple and hardworking person I care much for others. My whole life and worked in one way or another but always things that could make life easier for the people around me. I am also happy and I like designing things spontaneous but can not do them alone and then when I have an idea to try to help me and try to develop it, and try to get patience. This project is very necessary to save the life of the people in ROAD SAFETY

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