Wednesday 18 July 2018
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LASH LIFTER – World’s First Eyelash Curling Mascara Bottle

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Lash Lifter is the best alternative to traditional metal eyelash curlers. Turning your basic mascara tube into a lash enhancing tool.

Makeup is supposed to make us look and feel better, so why do we endure painful routines in our quest for beauty

For most women emphasizing the eyes is the is very important and having great eye lashes is essential. But many makeup users find traditional eyelash curlers awkward to use and down right scary!   After experiencing painful eyelash curling mishaps ourselves, we knew there had to be a better way.


Lash Lifter is the simplest, most natural and effective way to lift the lashes. You’ve never seen anything like it!

So Easy to Use:  Instead of bending or crimping the lashes with a traditional curler we use designed the smooth shaped purple sleeve to press the lashes up while using one’s natural tendency to blink. So theres no risk of pinching or pulling your lashes.

The Ultimate Space Saver: with the sleeve is built onto the bottle there’s no need to carry around another bulky accessory in your cosmetics bag.

Ready To Go: another great feature is that with every roll the sleeve actually dries the mascara so the lashes are lifted and the makeup is set in seconds.

The black fiber filled formula adds Volume & Length.  Infused with Shea Butter, the mascara will not flake or smudge.  Once set the lift lasts all day.

Mascara + Eyelash Lifter

  • The Lash Lifter is the hottest innovation in mascara bottle design. The built-in silicone sleeve serves as a 2×1 eyelash curler and lifter.
  • The Lash Lifter is easy-to-use unlike traditional eyelash curlers. The Lash Lifter will not crimp, pinch or stick to your lashes.
  • The smooth curved design allows lashes to be pressed into shape with little effort.
  • Lash Lifter is the best alternative to traditional metal and heated curlers.

About Project Creator:


Cathy Hernandez

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Cathy is the Founder and Owner of Kat & Rose, LLC. She invented the Lash Lifter product by noticing a need in the cosmetics marketplace for a safe, convenient and easy-to-use eyelash curler. Cathy has over 10 years of product development experience. Previously, served as creative director for MamaBlack maternity jeans line. She successfully brought the fashion line to market and grew distribution to over 150 retail stores.
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