Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Students from Uruguay building the house of the future. Estudiantes construyendo la casa del futuro



2015 will mark the first time the Solar Decathlon for Latin America and the Caribbean, competition from the world’s largest sustainable architecture. The essence of this issue is to build a self-sustaining housing, social interest, using cutting edge technology and innovative systems at low costs.

We dream home of the future: smart, efficient, adaptable, comfortable and economical. We have built it … BUT WE STILL NEED TO PROVE THAT IS THE BEST!

Our team is formed by a multidisciplinary staff of students and graduates of the ORT University of Uruguay in the Faculties of Architecture, Communication and Design, Engineering, Management and Social Sciences. We have been working on this project profit for over a year with full dedication to the passion that exists beyond the competition.

With an incredible effort we have made possible the construction of the house we designed, we now need to get to Cali, Colombia to present our ideas and we need your help!

Solar Decathlon is the most important sustainable architecture competition of the world and this is the first time that the contest is held in Latin America and the Caribbean. The essence of this edition is to build an economic dwelling of social interest, innovative, with sustainable technology incorporated

WE dream with the house of the future: intelligent, efficient, adaptive, comfortable and economic. WE HAVE BUILT IT BUT… WE NEED TO DEMONSTRATE THAT’S THE BEST!

Our team is made up by a multidisciplinary group of students and professionals from several Faculties such as: Architecture, Communication, Design, Engineering, Administration and Social Sciences. We have been working on this project for more than a year in a non profitable way, we do it all for the passion towards the goal beyond the contest.

We have made possible, with an incredible effort, the construction of the house we designed. Now we need to get to Cali and present our ideas, and for that we need your help! 



Necesitamos USD 20.570 para terminar de financiar los gastos del proyecto! Estamos intentando alcanzar nuestra meta por distintos medios por lo que cualquier tipo de aporte será totalmente gratificante y significará estar un paso más cerca de nuestro sueño.

The USD 20.570 goal represents the amount of money needed to finance the missing part of the project! We are fighting to achieve our goal through different ways, so any thing you want to collaborate with we will feel totally honored and therefore we will be one step closer to our dream. 


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