Friday 17 August 2018
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Traveler’s Kettle Mug for Coffee / Milk / Tea / Soup Maker

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The world’s first multi-functional electronic kettle mug to brew fresh coffee, milk, tea, soup and beverages that fit your lifestyle.

This is the World’s First Multi-functional Electronic Kettle Mug that’s not only a smallest kettle or an AC mug, but it is also a coffee, milk, tea and soup maker….. By Billimax Technology, Toronto, Canada.

This kettle mug is a portable mini boiling device that can brew fresh coffee, milk, tea and soup anytime, anywhere.  It makes living more convenient and joyful with just a few minutes time, no matter if it is on the desktop or in the office, for any couples or young people at home, or travelers on the go.

We have observed that there are no highly efficient multi-functional ac electronic mugs or similar devices available on the market, so we developed this device for people who love enhancing their lifestyle in any city of the world.  This kettle mug is also designed for hot drinks without having to interact with a kettle.  It is certainly a multi-functional mug which can brew many beverages in 5 minutes at normal room temperature or in 9 minutes with beverages taken from the fridge.  People simply take water from the tap or pantry and press the all-in-one button for boiling or warming drinks at the finger tips.  This mug is small and delicate and is absolutely safe guarantee while using it.  When hot drinks are done, you can drink it from the mug directly, but first wait for a few minutes to let the drink cool down before drinking.  This will avoid any injury to the mouth as the hot drinks could reach to boiling points at 100C / 212F degree.

This multi-functional mug is excellent for people who travel frequently and are always on the go or love hot drinks at work.  People would be able to more conveniently heat beverages whenever or wherever they like.  This is totally an all-in-one mug concept that should become hugely popular and everyone will love it.

How does it work

First, plug in and let the device power on.  The mug is working when the green light is flashing.

1. To boil water or soups

Push the button twice till the light turns red within 5 seconds.  Hot water or hot soup can be ready in just around 4-5 minutes.

2. To brew fresh coffee or tea

After boiling water with this mug as mentioned in (1) above, simply pour this hot water into the coffee filter cup where the ground coffee powder is put at the bottom.  Stir the coffee and wait for 3 minutes, then let the coffee drip into the mug through the drip filter of the coffee filter cup.

3. To boil milk and to warm drinks

Pour milk or any cold drink into the mug and put it onto the base controller.  Push the button once., the mug is working when the green light is on.  Wait for 6-9 minutes, hot milk is done.

4. In case of overheat

If you wrongly press the power button without checking whether or not the water or drinks are inside, the device is still under absolutely safe conditions.  The mug will automatically turn-off when it is overheated
About Project Creator:

I am Rita Tong, the company founder who has been in the electronic and electrical fields for more than 15 years.

I had worked with my company creator Taith Wilson for some new concept products like electric glass grill, coffee grinders and even power trips in the past but some succeeded and some failed.

In future, I have more innovation products to develop and more creative concepts to be generated. Bear with me always as I really value any single comment as well as your backup to bring all my new products to markets.

For this ac wireless mug, it is really challenging to me as the capacity required is too small not that easy to boil water or any beverage. The main issue is how to keep the mug stay still without making remarkable steam when boiling and how to ensure the device absolutely safe during the boil-dry status. Now, I spent almost 4 years to get it done due to my passion on this unique and outstanding mug. As far as the similar heating mug concerned, this mug is still nothing out there in the markets. I would feel very excited if this product would have been brought to life through crowd-funding by kickstarter.
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