Sunday 24 June 2018
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JAX & HEDLEY / Modern + minimal kids clothing / Ages 6m-10y.

We use the highest quality, sustainable and super soft fabrics to create pieces for your child that you’ll wish came in adult sizes!

In the 1930’s an English gentleman named Jack was travelling the world in search of adventure whilst a Jamaican gentleman named Headley was planning on moving his family to England for an exciting new life.

Although these two men lived very different lives they had two things in common… A love for family, and a passion for breaking away from normality to pursue adventure!

Drawing inspiration from these two daring men, Founder and designer Louise decided to embark on an adventure of her own.

She always wanted to create clothing for cool kids and this was never more apparent than when she had her first child. Finding it increasingly difficult to find stylish design-led clothes for her little one, she too wanted to break away from normality.

Louise took the remainder of her savings to buy some fabric and get her sewing machine serviced. She designed a pattern on some old newspaper and created a pair of harem leggings, and in doing so established a brand.

JAX & HEDLEY is a tale of two grandfathers who dared to be different and inspired an English brand to break the mould. Combining modern shapes, bold patterns and the highest quality fabrics, we create unique pieces for the next generation of mould breakers.


My little bedroom-born brand has grown rapidly and it has now been eighteen months since I made the decision to use a manufacturer rather than continue to hand sew every garment myself. It was the best decision I ever made as I had baby number two on the way and with the amount of orders I was receiving I just couldn’t keep up. Gone are the days of cutting patterns on the kitchen floor and sewing + overlocking at 3am!

Every garment is now produced at a lovely little factory in Portugal and the oeko-tex 100 certified fabrics are ethically sourced from mainly Italy. The factory is also certified sustainable.

I’m very fussy and so are my son + daughter. They know what they like and this guides me when I’m designing garment shapes and choosing fabrics. It’s important to me that kids are comfortable in their clothes, that they can run riot in them and the clothes are still going to stand the test of time.

It’s easy to come by primary coloured, cartoon adorned clothing for kids, but not so easy to find stylish pieces that adults envy. So my aim was to design a (mostly) unisex collection that a child can wear everyday, that isn’t over bearing and simply let’s their own character shine through!

With your help I can spread the word and let as many people know about JAX & HEDLEY as possible!

The fabrics have been described as being as soft as ‘a cloud’. The quality truly is incredible and I’m sure you will love the collection as much as I do!

Founder Louise spent the best part of nine years working in retail management for big brands such as Levi’s, Guess and Jack Wills. She learnt to sew and alter clothes on a big industrial sewing machine whilst working at Levi’s in 2007 and has been improving her skills and creating new designs ever since. Louise had wanted to start a clothing brand for many years and when she had her first child she knew that the brand was destined to be for children. Her two little ones Reid and Aria, provide a never ending source of inspiration for JAX & HEDLEY, from the fabrics and shapes used, to the bold patterns and colours.
Have a look at the Kickstarter link below for more information:

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