Thursday 16 August 2018
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It’s not VPN, it’s AlwaysHome

Homing Systems presents the alternative to Smart DNS and VPN that’s actually smarter. AlwaysHome offers streaming speeds 3-10 times faster than VPN and offers the best experience for users who want to enjoy Netflix, Hulu, HBO and more, 5000 miles away from home or from the comfort of your living room. Now, stream high quality videos from any location and overcome connectivity problems that shared user servers offer through Smart DNS.

AlwaysHome is a proxy smartphone, tablet, dongle and streaming box all in one. Get the best experience at affordable prices using Wireless Access Network optimization or WAN used by large enterprises for connectivity. Geo-restrictions do not apply as poor streaming quality, internet filtering, geo-blocking and lack of privacy are hurdles AlwaysHome overcomes.

Support this amazingly innovative product and give the world a chance to access limitless progress. Homing Systems is currently running the crowdfunding campaign for this awesome product on Indiegogo. Now, watch Hulu in EU and Netflix in China with ease. Access home internet anywhere, anytime. Donate in cash and kind to the campaign for AlwaysHome today.
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