Thursday 16 August 2018
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Ireland-Colombia solidarity: victims’ rights

The Ireland-Colombia solidarity campaign for victims of state violence in Colombia following the peace deal with FARC last year has taken off. Movements by Colombian groups MOVICE, Mothers of Soacha, Nydia Erika Foundation and Orlando Flas Bora Collective have joined hands with Eamonn McCann, Kate Nash and Shauna Moreland, Irish activists who supported victims of IRA and the Bloody Sunday movement. The result is a solidarity project and documentary by Luke Holland, leading the efforts in the documentary project by chipping in €5000 of his own savings.

The documentary seeks to bring to light the sufferings of victims of the false positive scandal post the FARC deal, where 5000 innocent civilians lost their lives, mislabelled as insurgents. Additionally, the Colombian war has caused the deaths of more than 200,000, a toll of 25,000 disappearances and displacement of more than 5.7 million. Now the right wing movement in Colombia is gaining ground amidst fears it will win the March 2018 elections and the state violations will be swept under the carpet. Help Colombia’s victims stand up for their rights by donating cash and giving your support to this project, at Indiegogo where a crowdfunding campaign is being held for it.
Link to the Project:

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