Wednesday 20 June 2018
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Instant Moonlight

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You will find few revolutionary instant anti-wrinkle cosmetics like this one. From the Heteropoda davidbowie spider venom, it is truly one of a kind. Their goal is to achieve clinical beauty and as you use it, you will find they have done masterful job.

With a goal of only $25,000 and $10,436 already funded, true beauty has never been closer. Their idea is to develop and offer you “instant moonlight” as a unique beauty-care product. This contains the bioactive peptide “HDB-243”, recently discovered by their team in the venom of the spider Heteropoda davidbowie. This peptide instantly suppresses muscular contractions at the skin surface, reducing wrinkles and giving a “Botox-like” effect without the need for injections. Don’t worry: you won’t be putting a real spider on your face! This product is a perfect copy of the natural peptide.

What’s more they are about to make a pilot production of instant moonlight cream in order to finalize clinical validation, achieve all regulatory requirements and product registration. They decided to take this opportunity to produce and offer a first collection of exclusive anti-aging creams.

And it all started with Heteropoda davidbowie of course: the fuzzy blonde Malaysian spider able to create miracles. I hope you do not see the picture of the little beast, but the wonders he can do will be plain to see as soon as you start using the products.

Fun fact, the spider was named in honor of the famous singer of the same name by its discoverer Peter Jager.

Reto Stöcklin is a scientific entrepreneur driven by innovation. He obtained his doctoral degree in medical biochemistry in the laboratories of Prof. Robin Offord in the Faculty of Medicine of Geneva in 1994. He specialised in peptide chemistry, protein engineering, mass spectrometry, proteomics and bioinformatics. He innovated techniques of pharmacokinetics and metabolic studies of polypeptides by mass spectrometry. In parallel, he initiated toxinology studies and venom-based drug discovery programmes, created a unique database on venomous animals and their venoms, and subsequently pioneered venomics.


$25 USD + Shipping

Matoxine deluxe special

An absolute must have: You receive the Topaz duopack in a beautiful deluxe box on the cover of which the instant moonlight logo is replaced by an exclusive design. The box will contain one click-pen of instant moonlight+ platinum with applicator and one instant moonlight gold dispenser, for woman or man. Ideal for the handbag or travelling. With a 75% discount !!! Included also is our monthly newsletter with privilege offers.

To learn more and help fund this project go to and to see their Facebook page follow

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