Thursday 16 August 2018
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In Place of Grace

The thought-provoking, real-life based emotional drama film In Place of Grace, produced and directed by Jordan Buck and powerful storyline from Jimmy Sky, has launched a $20,000 global campaign on Indiegogo, to source costs of location hire, cast & crew, production, post-production and marketing costs of the feature film, which is scheduled to hit the silver screens quite soon.

In Place of Grace features Momo Cadenza in the pivotal role, who is a work-loving, obstinate, angry and ill-tempered introvert, unable to cope up with the sudden discovery of terminal illness in her. A community of passionate people happens to invite her in a determined divine journey to discovery of solace, comfort and in finding the true purpose of her existence. The film is about how her interactions with her co-pursuers help her identify herself and view the world after shunning her self-created veil of bitterness over life. When Incan Mayan Media tested waters with a promotional clip manned by actor Sophie Jordan, the Roma Festival fame Chris Le Roy, refined and formatted the script. Help started pouring in from many professional actors and the project is now alive and kicking, on a firm footing.

For the film-makers, the growing risks and challenges associated with the industry’s inherent uncertainties and bottlenecks, every stage such as organizing the cast and crew, hiring locations, wardrobes and equipment’s, getting the post-production special effects and editing in line, can be tough and testing. With support from global contributors, the film is expected to come to life and entertain global audiences. Contributors are in for pleasant surprises such as time with the cast and crew, inclusion of name as executive producer or in the credits and the unique chance to participate behind the scenes, besides a number of freebies such as access to screening of premiere.
Have a look on the INDIEGOGO link below:

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