Tuesday 14 August 2018
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IMAD Jewelry: Make A Difference for Animals

IMAD, “I Made A Difference,” aims to support animal welfare. IMAD’s mission is to raise awareness for all threatened animals.

IMAD Believes in One Idea – Making A Difference

Threatened animals want you to make a difference! People often turn a blind eye to animal injustice all over the world. Hunting, pollution, puppy mills, dog fighting, and greed have all been targeted as the root of shrinking wild and domestic animal populations. This human activity has affected everything from sustainability to biodiversity. It is the duty of the humans of earth to correct this injustice.

IMAD stands for “I Made A Difference.” IMAD uses fashion jewelry to reach a new audience to spread the word about vulnerable animals, whether wild or domestic.


IMAD has four goals:

  • To assist in the preservation of animal life
  • To increase public knowledge of vulnerable animals through fashion
  • To promote domestic engineering through US factories
  • To preserve the future of the planet through sustainable production
  • All IMAD pendants and chains made in US. Gem stones are from respective country of origin.


The IMAD pendant is a reminder of the difference the wearer made by representing a vulnerable animal. The IMAD brand is made up of 15 pendants each depicting a critically endangered animal or different dog breed. A manufacturer in Rhode Island creates the charms from recycled bronze metal. You can view the charms in detail at
For more information, please visit WAHINE YACHTS’s Campaign page:

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