Tuesday 14 August 2018
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I’m Here Too – Film on Teen Suicide Prevention

You’re Not Alone… It’s Not Just You, I’m Here Too – this is the focus of Brendan Byrne’s film on teen suicide prevention. It clears the way for awareness on suicide prevention and depression management, by making a difference to the way people approach this taboo topic. Suicide is a painful reality and this Aussie filmmaker is going where movies seldom do, to a painful and sensitive topic that should not be shied away from. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 8 people in Australia take their lives every day. The silence that leads to suffering, depression and suicide needs to be averted.

The film is an offering from Brendan’s production house, Shadow Wolves Production which has also created films on cyber bullying and revenge, pedophilia and PTSD victims. Rather than being gratuitous about the topic, “I’m Here Too” aims to create a raw, real depiction that spurs debate, discussion and awareness about suicide prevention among teens as well as their family, friends, and loved ones. Making the change through films on sensitive topics and pressing issues, Brendan’s endeavor deserves support and acknowledgement. Access his crowdfunding campaign for the movie on Indiegogo and help make a difference to the lives of those facing isolation, and depression. As Brendan puts it, “Suicide should never be an option for anyone.”
Have a look at the Indiegogo Link Below:

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