Sunday 27 May 2018
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iEast Sound System – A new way to listen to music

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iEast SoundSystem streams all your music wirelessly to any amplified speaker from your cellphone

iEast SoundSystem Revolutionizes Wireless Audio with Centralized Library  Groundbreaking technology lets users create a multi-room sound system using their existing stereo and gather all their music libraries into one app.

The team at iEast Ltd. is pleased to announce the development and launch of iEast Sound System, a revolutionary music media library system that takes users’ music libraries across multiple channels to merge them and stream with a high quality of sound to any stereo.

iEast Ltd. recognizes that listening to music today can be a challenge because people so often have music strewn out across online and offline channels and various devices. “You never use the right device or be in the right room to play the music you love. Because you love music, we want to satisfy your audiophile expectation,” said the iEast Ltd. Team.

The iEast SoundSystem is a wireless audio adapter that centralizes music libraries, turning speakers, sound bars, and home theaters into wireless hi-fi multi-room sound systems connected to home wi-fi networks. Users will only need an aux-in connection to use the system, and no new equipment is necessary. By combining both digital and physical components, the iEast Sound System delivers two core elements: the iEast Play App and the iEast Box.

The iEast Play App lets users stream from their music apps, internal memory, memory cards, and more, while the iEast Box is an audio receiver that lets users connect with their local wireless network, music sources, speakers, stereos, and more.

iEast SoundSystem – A new way to listen to music

The iEast SoundSystem was conceptualized by Ming Lan and Yannick Touillon-Renaud, and the two are spearheading the product’s charge to the forefront of the audio industry. The duo have announced that they will be hosting an Indiegogo campaign in this Sunday with the goal of raising funds to launch mass production and increase awareness for this innovative product.

Lan and Touillon-Renaud recognize that what’s different about their audio system is that it gives users a sustainable audio platform. “Technology should not replace everything all the time. We need to be able to recycle any existing stereo equipment to live this amazing experience,” said the team.

Moving forward, iEast Ltd. wants to make sound and music experiences easy to use and access, enticing, and open for connection. With the development of the iEast SoundSystem, the team believes that they can reach and exceed these goals for the long term. By combining the streamlined iEast Box hardware and the integrated iEast Play App, which will be available for Apple and Android devices, the company expects to reach new horizons in media.
Currently, the iEast SoundSystem is available on Indiegogo, and first units will be shipped since Mid-December 2015 right for Christmas.

About iEast Ltd. 

iEast Ltd. has pioneered the wireless audio industry with the development of iEast SoundSystem, a wireless audio adapter that centralizes all music libraries into a wi-fi connected wireless multi-room sound system.


Yannick Touillon-Renaud, Marketing Director

iEast Ltd.

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