Sunday 24 June 2018
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I Design House – The First Magnetic Sketchbook And Model For Design

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All people have always dreamed of having their own home, with a large kitchen, large rooms, and the problem is that we don’t know the concepts or the measures to use to begin with our design, for this design the sketchbook I DESIGN HOUSE.

I DESIGN HOUSE, a book that will allow you to learn the principles of design in architecture and translating them into their model-shaped magnetic Board. I DESIGN HOUSE is designed for any person from a child to an adult. Not more fights with them programs of computer that promise the sky and the Earth, but to the final passing by take weeks to learn. In I DESIGN HOUSE what you see is what you get and not there is way more easy planning space.

If these interested in learn a little of the design or you like the architecture this book is ideal for you, learn with I DESIGN HOUSE of a way practice and fun, from any place where you find I DESIGN HOUSE is the only tool where can draw your ideas and translate them in forms of model of a way easy and simple. Working with I DESIGN HOUSE is very easy, in a fun and interactive way, three steps: learn, draw and Modelar. With the guides, you will learn to make a functional design.

I DESIGN HOUSE consists of four parts: Book-Model, Notebook Guide, Ruler, Block Family.


Designed with size B5 to give facility in the managing.


I DESING HOUSE has a cover of high quality made in leather. The notebook is available in two colors, blacks and white, giving both men and women the option to choose independent of the color that they like better. They have used the studies to top level the thick elastic tape to support his closed notebook.


In I Design House were finding interesting designs that were helping you to create your own designs and to turn into the designer that always you have wanted to be, No lose the opportunity to explore to the maximum your creativity.


You can make models and draw maps to scale 1:50 in any single place you need creativity.


Notebook Guide:

The learning guide will help you in the learning of the architectural design, these guides will help you to learn which are the elements used in a home, which is their size and you should locate them. Have with guides for kitchen, bath, bedroom, room of tv, Garden, garage, study, Hall, Wall, Windows And Door.

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Design Pages




Block Family:

Unlike our families blocks design programs are to scale 1:50, and all the components of a composition of housing, are made with blades magnetic to allow that they stick to any metal surface. Count with more than 100 blocks of family for different spaces as, kitchen, room, room, dining room, bathroom, gardens, garages, areas green, Etc.


Special Features of I Design House

  • I Design House is designed to support it on any magnetic surface and can make your presentations.
  • It allows us to have variety in design depending on whether we are going to draw or write.
  • This book has pages reusable we could use the times that we want.
  • Innovative designs without the need of programs virtual only you need creativity.

Purpose of the project: The purpose with the Sketchbook I DESIGN HOUSE is to achieve that many people learn the concepts of architecture and design in a didactic way and fun.

The benefits of I DESIGN HOUSE are: Increase of creativity, learning fast in an interactive way, learn of the architecture in a way simple.

The Campaign Motive is to realize their Project through a tool that allows interaction and communication with people around the world, in addition to funding from people who feel passion for architecture and design, or who want to learn the art of designing.

MARLON DAVID TENORIO QUINTERO (Project creator) is a professional architect. He always wants to share the art of design and architecture to other people, so he decided to create a book guide that anyone learns how to design without spending thousands of dollars using only a book.

Marlon has started a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising €3,000 in order to bring I Design House to market. The funds raised will be used for the completion of 1500 copies of the book, in addition to continue with the creation of more content in the area of the architecture and the design.

You’ve read this far. You’re ready to support. THANK YOU! But everyone loves perks. Take a look at what they’ve got to offer!


Pledge €1Full Digital I Design House. You will receive a PDF copy of I Design House.

Pledge €28- I Design House Basic  You will receive 1 Sketchbook I Design House with 1 Ruler + 30family block” Kitchen – Living room – Bedroom – Bathroom.

Pledge €32 – I Design House PRO. You will receive THE EDITION PRO of I Design House with 1 Book size B5 + 1Ruler + 80family blocks in Kitchen – Living room – Bedroom – Bathroom – Hall – Windows – Walls – Doors and Furniture of Television.

Pledge €70  I Design House PRO 2 packs.

Pledge €105  I Design House PRO 3 packs.
Have a look at the Site link below for more information:

Also please take some time to share this campaign across your social networks and encourage your friends and family to support.

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