Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Hungry Hearts: The Musical

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Hungry Hearts is a 5 part, live action musical video series that will release with a comic book prequel, soundtrack, and more!

Hungry Hearts Musical is going to be a 5 episode, live action, zombie based musical video series. If the project is funded, there will be a comic book prequel that can establish story and characters, and lead us right up to the first episode and first song.

After the time to back the project has ended, you will still be able to pre-order all elements from the project including the comic book, t-shirts, soundtrack, etc. through the website!

The Story

Zombie stories are incredibly common these days and one of the biggest things holding me back from pursuing this project has been worry that the market is just oversaturated with zombie stuff. However, I think that this is a really unique and cool take on the zombie genre, and I have not seen anything quite like what I am trying to achieve here. The premise is pretty simple: there are zombies who are undead that want to eat people, and they still have their thoughts.

The story will begin in the comic book and lead up to the opening shot of the first episode. The first episode starts with our main human characters, Chris Murphy and Emily Gray holed up with a handful of other survivors while zombies are beating at the door. The scene will begin with them singing about their situation and filling the viewers in on their states of mind.

Scene two of the opening song in the first episode will be our main zombie protagonist, Ryan Shepard, walking down the street. This is where my story has its twist. Ryan still has his full thoughts, but he can’t control being a zombie. So when we, as the viewer, hear our zombies singing, it is simply their thoughts that they can’t communicate since all they do is groan.

As for the plot, there will be build up of the plot in the comic book prequel, but it basically comes down to this: Chris and Emily, our lead human characters, are in a relationship together and they were before the apocalypse. Ryan was Chris’ best friend and had very strong feelings for Emily. At some point, Ryan sacrificed himself to save Chris and Emily because he was secretly in love with her. So now he finds himself a flesh-eating zombie, with no girl, no friend, and only his thoughts to keep him company.
About Project Creator:

Ben Winterman

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I am a videographer and songwriter/musician from Nashville, TN.  I have been working on this idea for a zombie musical video series for over 5 years. I wrote the music for the first song and then developed the idea for the story, but I have not had the resources or the funding to make it come to life in the way that I imagined. I have toyed with the idea of doing a Kickstarter, and I am happy to finally be putting it into motion!
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