Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Move everything of MOBILE to your TV! We can make it, while others can’t!

Game Console, TV Box, Mini PC, Mobile Control

HUBI STICK is an Android based computing device, used to play games, watch TV and movies, work and study and so on, with mobile controls.

SUPER TV BOX – You are never locked to any content providers – it is your own “Box” and you can download and install any TV and Movie Apps at will. Our Mobile TV remote Apps enable you to navigate the contents with great convenience!

MINI COMPUTER – It is an Android computer, and you have the highest system privilege yourself. It uses a TV screen as the monitor, uses mice and keyboards or our virtual ones on your smart phones or tablets to control everything!

MOBILE CONTROL – Use your smart devices as a controller!

You are able to use all the Android resources on TV with the touch and sensor controls!

Link to the Project:


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