Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Helping People Heal

When Jennifer Brighton, a trained psychotherapy administering clinician sought to bring about community change, it was in a different direction from her original practice. She moved past modern medicine to espouse holistic healing as a means of rescuing the body from physical and emotional pain and trauma. Having experienced trauma and physical pain firsthand, places Jennifer in a unique position when it comes to understanding patient concerns.

That is why she is setting up the Exhale Academy for Healing and Personal Development Center in Erin, Canada. This community center will provide free yoga, goal setting and body work classes and training for different age groups and help people to overcome pain and suffering. Having previously successfully set up the Glen Abbey Therapy center for community welfare, Jennifer recently moved to Erin where she realized community services needed a helping hand and people needed help to heal. So, she is setting up this center and you can pitch in on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and help Jennifer in her praiseworthy mission to help those in urgent need of mental and physical health care.
Have a look at the below link:

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