Wednesday 20 June 2018
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Help us Transform Low Income Communities!

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With big dreams and a small budget, often times a collaborative effort is necessary. An environment where everyone pulls together their resources to make one fully functioning machine of talent is the best way to make your dreams come true. It just so happens our company Hoshana Management Group does just that. If everyone pulls together and we can raise funding, I know this can be a success!

Through Connex-Zone, community members have access to network of resources managed by Connex-Zone. Services of Connex-Zone include online communication, and fundraising.

Hoshana Management Group is a professional networking service that builds deep-rooted markets for small businesses, government agencies, community organizations, and investors to improve low-income communities. Our approach is relationship building and management through the sharing of information and services among individuals and groups with a common interest. Our programs address solutions in areas such as fundraising, marketing and communications, staffing, community engagement and nonprofit development. The company currently focuses on the north Nashville and Madison, TN markets.

HMG is dedicated to providing solutions to community leaders, businesses and government agencies that serve low-income communities to transform distressed communities into healthy, peaceful, progressing environments. Not only can you retain the expert insight of diverse business consultants that serve diverse communities, but HMG can design a customized grassroots marketing campaign that will enhance your brand and performance in low-income and minority communities. The success of small businesses and community engagement helps fight the war on poverty, and plays a vital role in the decrease of crime. Small business success and public co-operation is why Hoshana Management Group exists.

Small businesses have always been the backbone of America. Today, fully one half of all workers in the private sector are employed by the nation’s twenty-two million small businesses. Corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietors of every size and importance generate half of our country’s gross domestic product and pay $1.5 trillion in payroll. As an advocate of small business, HMG takes pride in re-energizing complacent communities to ensure the businesses of today have every available resource to reach new heights.


About Project Creator:

Danavan Hylton

I am here to tell you about Hoshana Management Group launching our first program campaign called The Conex-zone.  We developed this program in order to connect for-profit companies with non-profit companies.  Corporations and companies want to donate profits to charities and local funding but sometimes they don’t know where to send the money where it will have the highest impact on the community in which they serve.  We act as a platform to connect the funding with the cause.  We think it will help people in need of a solution for finding funding in these tough economic times.  We are dedicated to our non-profits and finding sustainable solutions for our community.
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