Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Heated Lap Blanket

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Truly portable Heated lap blanket, get extra warmth for belly and hands for up to 12 hours, great for indoor/outdoor and wheelchair use


A heated lap blanket – Sceiba

There are plenty of heated blankets out in the marketplace, but all of them have a cord that ties the user to the wall, and that is really not convenient when you need to move around. This truly portable heated lap blanket that I have created offers the kind of mobility like no other. You can take it to watch a football game in the stadium, watch your kid’s hockey game out in the field, enjoy your cup of coffee on your porch, watch TV in your living room with added comfort, keep your lower body warm when working behind a desk, even use it in your car for extra warmth.

It is practical for your parents, and it is especially useful for people who are on the wheelchair. This heated lap blanket covers you from belly to feet and provides heat to the belly and hands; it makes a great gift for someone you care.

Side Straps

The side straps can secure the lap blanket on the chair or tie around the back to prevent the lap blanket from slipping off.

Power source

A small battery power pack is the only power source that is required.

Heat level control

The design of this heated lap blanket include multiple settings of heat levels in increments of 10 degrees from 10-30 degrees Celsius at the press of a button.  The heat will last up to 12 hours of use.

Pocket features

Ergonomically designed side pockets for hands, and centre pocket for book or tablet

Safe operation

This heated lap blanket is low voltage operated and short circuit protected so there is no worry of using it in wet conditions.


  • Truly portable
  • 3 levels of heat settings
  • Low voltage operation
  • Long lasting heat (up to 12 hours)
  • Ergonomic heated pockets for hands
  • Top pocket for Eye Glass, Book, Tablet
  • Soft fleece under lining
  • Machine washable
  • Full short circuit protection
  • Safe to use



This Heated lap blanket is unique as it combines modern technology with ancient Asian health improvement technique.

Since long ago Asian medicine believed the importance of maintaining warm temperature at the abdomen for men and women to promote better health.  Heat helps to improve blood circulation and thus helps to improve digestion and reduce chance of constipation, better blood circulation also helps to detox and reduce pain during menstruation for women.  Proper amount of heat soothes,  helps to reduce stress, and helps to relieve muscle pain from cramps.


Hey everyone, thinking about travel ?

Now a pouch and a USB extender cable is included with your pledge for one heated lap blanket, you can now not only use it at home but bring it to travel with you. No power bank? No problem, just plug it in to the USB port near your seat on the plane or plug it in to the USB port in your car and you are ready to go. Bon voyage.


Dear Friends,

I have been conducting product survey lately at Pharmacies and Seniors homes, and found the results very pleasing as almost everyone I had approached likes this product.

Also just to let you know that by request I have made sample of “fresh green/light grey” two tones colour heated lap blanket.  Green is the colour for better earth.  If anyone of you like this colour you may order, just write to me and pre-order it.


About Project Creator:

Dsc01537c.originalSimon Lee

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Living in Montreal, Canada for over 40 years Simon has worked with various charity organizations, community organizations and business associations. He has done many successful projects over the years such as relief fundraisers to help victims of disasters, cultural promotions and he is currently on board of director for scholarships. See Full Bio


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