Friday 17 August 2018
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Heartwood: A West Coast Forestry Documentree

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Coastal communities take on Big Timber in an effort to change the way forestry is done in B.C.


On the west coast of British Columbia, First Nations and coastal communities are uniting to take back control of their local forestlands from an industrial behemoth that has reduced our coastal temperate rainforests to scattered remnants. A diverse movement and a growing consensus is spreading up and down the coast – that the way forestry is done in this province is simply not working for the vast majority of its citizens – environmentally or economically.

Heartwood is a documentary series that explores the history, politics, science, economics and future of forestry in B.C. This series lays all the cards on the table in an attempt to start an honest conversation about where the forest industry is going in this province and where it should be going. But at the heart of this story are the Indigenous and settler communities that are standing up to Big Timber and putting forward a new vision for forest stewardship in B.C.

Set against a backdrop of runaway climate change and Indigenous awakening, B.C. is a microcosm of a world in crisis. With our ancient forests depleted and the hunger of the global market becoming ever more vociferous, communities are taking a stand against foreign investors with no connection to the land. These tenacious citizens will lead us deep into the woods to show us why their forests are worth saving – and how they feel forestry should be done in B.C.
About Project Creator:

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Daniel J. Pierce is a filmmaker with eight years of documentary experience. He has a history of making films that explore the dynamics of people coming together to create change within their communities, particular indigenous and settler communities uniting in defence of the natural world. Dan’s first film, The Hollow Tree – which was licensed to CBC Documentary and Knowledge Network – got him started down

the path of exploring the history of forestry on the west coast and the state of B.C.’s ancient forests. While his first film was about the citizens of Vancouver trying to save a dead tree, it is only logical that his next film would be about people taking a stand for living trees. Heartwood is Dan’s third long-form documentary.
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