Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Healers of the Earth Oracle

Well known psychic and healer Mandy Peterson who has authored several notable works such as I am the Lotus and Not a Muddy Pond: Peace Through Non-Conformity is a noted EFT practitioner too. A stalwart in the field of divine healing, she offers Healers of the Earth Oracle, a powerful spiritual tool or deck of cards that serve to give a reading and delve into the process of healing using collective energy. Mandy has printed these cards already, but is seeking to now print them in higher quality, complete with a deck, manual for directions and spreads.

The cards are 72 in number and unusual compared to angel or tarot pack cards. Each set of 8 cards completes a suit. The 9 suits revolve around natural themes such as earth, water and spiritual hygiene. The beauty of the cards is their power to change destinies through collective will and healing that impacts collective energy, not just personal lives. Mandy has initiated a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for helping and empowering others to use divination to heal themselves. Help support her unique and uplifiting campaign.
Have a look at the Indiegogo Link below:

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