Friday 17 August 2018
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Harvest Heat Fresh Fruit Salsa – End Food Boredom

Like many Americans, Ryan Wegman and wife Teri Lynn along with their family faceda shortage of basic amenities and necessities during the recession. At times, evenputting food on the table was a challenge. But Ryan and Teri pulled through and nowthey want to create a unique food gourmet company, Harvest Heat and help wipe outhunger with their innovative fruit salsa products. Shrinking away from the commercialism and use of artificial preservatives that plagues the modern food service industry, Ryan and his team including his inspiration Teri, are working to create theperfect fruit salsa products with zero additives and all of nature’s goodness. But theyneed your help. Harvest Heat, their unique company, seeks FDA and FDB approval forwhich the first production batch needs to be ready. Seeking funds on Indiegogo, thecouple and their team of supporters need a helping hand. With US $4500, they will beable to make the cash go the distance when it comes to launching Harvest Heatproducts set to hit speciality stores by the close of 2017. Help make their innovativefruit salsa product line a smashing success by lending a hand and spreading the word.
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