Wednesday 20 June 2018
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Handnaht Leather Goods

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The Bieler Lifestyle Label for quality and exclusively handmade leather goods.



Inspired, designed and handmade by creative expert.

Handnaht is a true Swiss brand with a two generation DNA of a traditional leather maker, typesetter and beer brewer.

With Handnaht we accompany you back to the original form of quality, design, simplicity and customer service. Just straightforward as purist as your grandfather was used to it.

Nowadays most of the leather goods of famous brands are produced in India, Pakistan or China. With this kickstarter project we want to bring the old traditional leather goods manufacturing back to Switzerland and guarantee that the old tradition of leather making can be conserved and brought back to next generations.

As we are not making any compromises in quality, we can assure personally that each leather product handcrafted in Switzerland will accompany you for a lifetime. Due to this fact we are proud to offer to all our handmade products an exclusive lifetime warranty. Again, same as your grandfather was used to.

To extend our current production of small leather goods to larger items such as bags and weekenders, we need to invest in some machinery and tool. Plus larger products request higher investments in raw materials such as real vegetal tanned leathers from Italy and only top quality metal fittings from France.

We need your support to be able to launch a true 100% Swiss Made production of our new leather goods collection which is planned for delivery in November 2015.


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