Sunday 24 June 2018
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Eco- Project Investments Crowdfunding Platform | Investment and Financing Platform Participatory Ecological and Organic

Greenvests helps Green Entrepreneurs or Eco-Business Owners to find the necessary funds to either Start-Up, Expand or Sell their Green Project.

Greenvests has been created a year ago by Cedric Alexandra, Founder of the AAA Group and Bee’s Nest (more information in Founder Profile), and already possess its main website while the final 2 Eco-platforms will be ready to launch to the public at the end of our Crowdfunding Campaign, early August 2016.


To help entrepreneurs to set up a proper business plan and to put them in contact with matching investors. To help existing Eco-business owners to raise new funds to expand or secure their existing business. To help Eco-business owners to list and sell their existing project. To re-group the most Eco-responsible Projects worldwide and Investors on our Internet platforms.


In Greenvests we believe that our future should be responsible and nature protective oriented. We will support all kind of Green Projects to find a proper investment that will make our world a better one. By investing in at least 10 projects in the next 3 years, Greenvests will also become a very active investor in the Ecological Industry. Greenvests also thrive to set up a proper management team in each identified region and will continuously invest for their development.

Greenvests has created 2 Eco Investments Platforms to cover all possible options:

The Crowdfunding Platform:

This Commission FREE Crowdfunding platform will essentially be used to fund some light eco-project, to develop new products, to help Eco-Entrepreneur to improve their project presentation, to create eco-events. The platform is free and easy to register to every Backers. For the Eco Project Entrepreneur, as our Crowdfunding Platform is connected to our International Backers and Investors Members, they will need a International Package to have unlimited access to the Crowdfunding platform. Greenvests Rates.

The Eco-Investments Platform:

The Investments platform has for goal to regroup all kind of Eco-Projects that are ready to Start, Expand or On Sale and regroup all kind of Eco-Investors Worldwide. Entrepreneurs will expose their project in their Country, Region or Worldwide and will be looking for funds in exchange of equities or short and long term loans.

Greenvests has chosen to raise its necessary starting fund through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to share its adventure with its Eco-Founder (Backers & Eco Investor, Pre Register Entrepreneur, Potential Greenvests Investor, Sponsors Package). We have prepared several very interesting pledges and offer 30% Discount from our coming regular rates during this campaign. Eco-Founder can back us up from 1 EURO only or pre-register for their future Feature Package on Greenvests website and access to our launch offers. Both Platforms will be launched in August 2016.
About Project Creator:

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Cedric Alexandra

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Cedric started his career early on, when he helped his Mother, Bernadette, a Cordon Bleu, peeling vegetables and washing dishes, at the young age of 11. She step by step teaches him more culinary technics and transmit to Cedric her passion for food and using the best quality local products. He quickly realised his passion for the culinary art when enrolled in the Lycée Hotelier De Lyon – France, for his Chef Diploma. View Full Bio
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