Sunday 27 May 2018
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Go Explore Designs – Creative T-Shirts

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Do you love travel and art? So do we! Help us to share the love for exploring new boundaries~

The world’s a big place – Go Explore.

We love travel, music, and photography – and hope you share our passion~

We’ve dedicated this website to those who love to share their world of creativity

Whether you’ve been living in the same place your entire life or you’ve been traveling since you were a baby, there is always somewhere new to explore~

The campaign is underway!

We’re working to move this campaign so that others can share their love for creativity, travel, art, and exploring something new in life~

This campaign gives contributors the unique opportunity to have their own design and shirt created for them! Of course, design available can be obtained through contributions as well.

If you love travel and art, don’t miss this opportunity to be apart of something unique! If you contribute today, you’re helping inspiration through art to become more accessible to everyone.  Contribute today and you’ll be dearly thanked and much appreciated!

Design can be found at:


About Project Creator:

Steve Sherk

Steve Sherk is a photographer from Minneapolis, MN. He shares a passion for travel, photography, and art.  Through creation of his shirts, inspiration to explore new boundaries is made accessible.



The campaign in which you can have a unique shirt designed for you can be found here:


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