Saturday 26 May 2018
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Go anywhere. We will keep you warm on your journey.

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Improve your outdoor experiences with our heated apparel – designed in Norway, by and for outdoor enthusiasts.

We all love the fresh air! But on those days when the temperature creeps way below zero, leaving the apartment seems like a hassle – and your outdoor experiences get cut short before they even begin. Wouldn’t it be great to have some extra heat on demand, wherever you go? We offer stylish, super comfy apparel that keeps you warm, without feeling like the marshmallow man in all those layers.


As most Norwegians, we were practically born and raised outdoors. Spending time in nature is a part of our everyday life – all year around, and in all weather conditions. Living in 2016, tech is slowly but steadily offering solutions to improve these outdoor experiences.

So when we were introduced to heated apparel, we were amazed! Quickly realizing that this could increase the outdoor experience to a new high, we set out to make the perfect mid-layer for outdoorsy people.

After extensive research, we discovered that this technology lacks suppliers in Europe. With initial backing from Innovation Norway, we spent the first four months of our project finding the perfect supplier, requesting input from all over the world. After narrowing it down to three suppliers, we tested a prototype from each one of them. Based on the their communication, their understanding of our tech specs and the quality of the received product, we decided to proceed our prototyping from one of these suppliers.

To produce our first line, we now need to sell our first products to release additional funding from Innovation Norway. We would love for you to join us and secure your very own heated apparel – designed by Norwegians for outdoor enthusiasts around the globe.


We offer heated vests for men and women, designed for outdoorsy people like ourselves. The vests are padded with Thinsulate insulation, one of the most experienced suppliers of insulation in the world.

Thinsulate provides optimal wick abilities. In the sides we have strategically placed mesh materials to provide good breathability – just to make sure garment doesn’t feel “clammy” even though it supplies heat. The vest is designed to fit as a mid-layer piece, and can be well used between a base-layer and outer layer. However, if you’re moving, or the conditions are suitable, the garment can also be a perfect “stand-alone” piece without the extra layers.



Our batteries are rechargeable at least 500 times and can also easily be replaced. This way the user can bring extra batteries if going on a longer trip. The Lithium batteries are CE and SGS approved from the factory which has many years experience of battery production.


  • Women’s vest: 450 gram
  • Men’s vest: 550 gram
  • 6000 mAh battery: 200 gram
  • 4400 mAh battery: 150 gram

About Project Creator:

Heat Experience

We are located in Trondheim, Norway, which particularly represents the perfect climate for heated clothing customers. The lack of heated clothing on the Norwegian market made us begin this project. Heat experience is put together by a group of young entrepreneurs with different theoretical and practical backgrounds: one has a masters degree focusing on the development of Bluetooth,

others have experiences of running small business, marketing, production of marketing material and product design. With these qualifications, are we prepared to solve the challenges that will come our way.
Link to the Project:

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