Thursday 16 August 2018
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give1get1 is the WEB TECHNOLOGY for more humanity!

When Matthias Gottwald experienced personal challenges, a near death experience and saw others coping with adversity too, a desire to help humanity was born. Matthias created the give1get1 software, a unique web technology that connects people around the world. This Austrian software is oriented towards connecting those with a need for help, whether they are facing ill health, abuse or adversity in any form. The USP of this software is that it helps those who are falling through the cracks because the system cannot help. This humane web technology is just what the communities of the world need.

Combining the skills of a private enterprise with the charitable, compassionate approach of a humanitarian organization, give1get1 is an initiative that brings people together and ensures everyone can rely on a helping hand, when they are in need. The funds secured for this initiative will only fulfill charitable purposes, with just 5% of the sum being allocated for administrative functions. 95% of the money will go towards helping those in need. Be part of the change you want to see in this world, by chipping in and donating funds to this worthy endeavor.
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