Monday 25 June 2018
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Give A Little Love

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COMFORT FROM ACROSS THE MILES for the fire victims, to make them feel they are not forgotten.

I Survived House Fire I Wish My Stuff Had

On June 1, 2015 a fire of undetermined origin robbed about 4,000 families in two coastal towns in Zamboanga del Sur (Pagadian City), Philippines, of their homes, belongings and livelihood. They were left with nothing but remnants of their hardwork and dreams. Up to this very day, the fire victims are still temporarily housed at the City’s gymnasium, plaza covered court and school buildings. As much as they want to live in comforts of their own home, they can’t, and probably won’t be able to for a while. These people are non-complaining of their suffering, but even when they haven’t asked for it, clearly they need a lot of help at the moment. This campaign is to offer assistance to these families, who are not only traumatized by the experience but also crippled by the loss of mostly everything in their lives.

Sharing is Loving

While it is impossible to alleviate their plight overnight, Caring for Humanity International Foundation in cooperation with PCARTI Adforce aims to host A DAY OF HOPE AND LOVE to the victims of fire, making known to them that there are people who care for them, that everything is temporary, and that things are going to get better one day. Hence the program aims to:


  • help those people who are suffering from food scarcity
  • help the victims in developing many behaviors like socialization, sharing, kindness, caring and cooperation
  • allow them to feel bad, cry and release negative emotions in a healthy manner
  • give them a venue to feel good, make them realize that they can have periods of joy even when coping with loss
  • encourage them to make small decisions daily in order for them to feel in control over their lives once more
  • be able to have people they can talk to about their ordeal, focusing on what they are thankful for in spite of their loss
  • access support from concerned people and organizations

Giving is Living

When food runs out, hope is scarce. It’s a situation often seen in cases where people are left to starve because of a natural disaster, like that of fire. This project is about reaching out to the hungry and distressed with both physical and spiritual nourishment thru a day of fun games , enrichment activities and a feeding program in cooperation with concerned organization as a local partner.

Being able to share God’s blessings truly shows the essence of helping, a random act of giving. No matter how simple the ways and how small the amount, it is the willingness and joyfulness to share that counts. Through this simple activity, we will be able to convey the message that bad things happen and life can be hard but there will always be people who are willing to extend a caring hand to them.



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