Saturday 18 August 2018
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GECKO – 1$ Magnetic wireless charging for mobiles

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Transform USB cables and power-banks into a magnetic wireless-style charging pod/data sync station.

What is Gecko?

Gecko is a magnetic wireless-style charger adapter for iPhone, Android and other Micro-USB powered devices.

Gecko is a simple three-piece kit:

  • Gecko Connector, a tiny plug for your Lightning or Micro-USB port
  • Gecko Adapter, a magnetic adapter for your existing sync/charge cable
  • Gecko Dongle, a small dongle that transforms all your power-banks or USB port in a convenient wireless-style charging station.

Both Connectors and Dongles auto align themselves and start charging instantly

Gecko is small and thin enough to be applied to any smartphone with a Micro-USB port or a Lightning port. its adhesive surface will lock the connector directly to the mobile or on the bumper in a breeze.  Thanks to our specialized micro-connector, Gecko is so small it will fit into any custom phone case so you don’t have to ditch your favorite phone cover.


Thin and compact

Gecko can be connected to any smartphone with or without a protection bumber.

Fast Charging

In one move you can start charging your phone, no more two hands action.


You don’t have to pay attention of any cable’s connection side

Easy Plug/Detach

The magnetic connection allows you to connect ad detach your phone instantly


Link to the Project:

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