Sunday 24 June 2018
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GAMIRO LAMP – Bottle Upcycling

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Enhance your favourites bottles and bring a new atmospehere in your place with the Gamiro Lamp !


Have you ever felt bad about throwing away a bottle you loved but you couldn’t keep because you had nothing to do with it ? It won’t happen one more time thanks to the Gamiro Lamp ! Now every bottle can be properly reused. You just have to put your bottle on our lamp, turn on, and that’s it ! Then you can admire the beauty of stunning rays going through a colorful and geometric glass bottle. But above all, you will create a special and unique atmosphere in your room.


If you don’t like the steel, or perhaps you would like a color change, well that’s not a problem, you can paint the Gamiro Lamp as many times as you want to !

But that’s not all, you can also engrave it, put sitckers… there are endless possiblities as long as your imagination has no limit!


You can use different bulbs on the Gamiro ! (lamp socket : E14). Indeed with the ring we give you, you can adjust the size of the socket so that the bulb will always be at the center of the Gamiro, and your bottle will always be nicely enlightened !

In addition, you’ll be able to choose the power of the bulb you want to use, then you’ll have the light you want !

However, we highly recommend to use a LED- 20/40W- E14 bulb.

Production process  

The Gamiro Lamp is made from steel. We wanted it durable and solid, so we chose to use a high quality metal.

We combined two technologies to manufacture our product : a laser cutting machine and then Computer Numerical Control, in order to machine, polish and get a nice looking object.

About Project Creators:

We are two french students, one is studying design and the other engineering. We met for the first time in 2014 in South Korea. Since the beginning we knew we had the same way of thinking, the same ethics. That’s the reason why we decided to create Tezenas&Claeys, wich combines two S : Simplicity for Sustainability. It’s been a while that we wanted to elaborate a project, but we didn’t know where to start, even though we’d got plenty of ideas. Now that we are back to France, we thought together, and came up with a more accurate idea : Gamiro
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