Sunday 24 June 2018
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Frankies for Sahara

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Frankies, in collaboration with NGO SCAPS, launched a campaign of prevention of eye diseases in Tindouf.

The Western Sahara was invaded by Morocco 39 years before. That provoked a war where a huge group of Saharawi people had to go into exile to the province of Tindouf, in Algeria, to start a new life in the middle of nowhere.

Tindouf is a province from Algeria situated at 1,460 kilometers on the southeastern, where nowadays more than 180,000 people from the Western Sahara live in refugee camps in inhumane conditions.

This community suffers from a common sickness: eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma or blindness because of the prolonged exposure under a burning Sun, combined with high temperatures, the dryness of the wind and the sandstorms, specially in the summer.

Our goal

To produce and deliver personally and for free the maximum number of wood sunglasses with polarized lens to the Saharawi people from Tindouf in order to prevent these eye diseases.


About Project Creator:

Frankies is a wood sunglasses with polarized lens brand based in Barcelona and fabricates its products abroad.

Its added value resides in our commitment with the society. For this reason we take social actions and polices such as hiring professionals with more than 45 years old or to set aside part of our incomes to NGOs between other institutions.


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