Thursday 16 August 2018
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[fla’nø:r] – A Fine Art Photo Book

Inspired by philosophies and thinkers, Gerald Zugmann is like a Flaneur strolling through, choosing 171 works for representation in his book project. The book is innovatively titled Flaneur for this reason. Brought up with a deep seated love for photography, Gerald focuses on the aspect of the photography which eludes most– its creative artistry. Keeping this in mind, he keeps on at it with Ansel’s wisdom about performance in print moving his vision forward.

Photography that crosses boundaries and borders, going beyond architecture and landscape to cover other factors, influences these aspects quite thoroughly. It forms the core of Gerald’s vision and his book project. Springing forth from a deep seated love of philosophy, deep and meaningful quotes immortalize human emotion on the cover of his cahiers (French for notebook) setting the tone for a deep journey into the artistry of his work. Gerald emphasizes this is not a photography book, but a work of art. Help bring his creative artistry to a wide audience.
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