Wednesday 25 April 2018
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Fitbi-it fits your stuff while sporting!

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While preparing at your nearby rec center you bear your cell phone and your locker key, preparing plans and a water bottle. Laying these previously mentioned things down on the ground while moving to and from machines makes it inconceivably irksome. However Fitbi, a little partner makes your workouts a great deal more charming. Fitbi can oblige your cell phone, club card, locker scratch, pencil, workout arranges and money and circumvents your water bottle.

Wearing with Fitbi is solid and simple. It fits your quick and social way of life and in the meantime secures your telephone and keeps different things sorted.

We as a whole love running outside however in the meantime we don’t jump at the chance to be disengaged. But now while running we can without much of a stretch join Fitbi on our arm and keep our music, workout applications and online networking with us, wherever we go. Women can easily use Fitbi around their arm. Another probability is to put Fitbi around your bicycle outline.

It doesn’t make a difference what wear you do. Indoor workout at the exercise center, biking, running, rollerblading or shaft strolling, dependably utilize Fitbi-it fits your life! Fitbi fits distinctive size cell phones up to huge ones like iPhone 7 or more. Littler telephones can be hauled out when you pull the dark pulley thing and your telephone flies out.

It also has variety of color schemes. It is available in white, black, orange, red, purple, blue, and pink and yellow.
For more information, please visit Fitbi Indiegogo page:

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