Tuesday 14 August 2018
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FairBear: solve the Parenting Puzzle

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Powerful and feature-rich multi-platform parental control solution for modern families.

FairBear is a powerful parental control solution and unique fair reward system. Exclusively for Kickstarter we give a Demo of FairBear. Hurry up! Don’t miss your chance to try it, as this demo will be available during Kickstarter campaign only.

The modern world is changing at a break-neck speed. As the Internet and Internet-based gadgets become even more integrated into our daily lives, technology is becoming inescapable. No one knows yet how these changes will impact our children, because these children are the first generation to grow up in such an Internet-saturated culture. We know that educational apathy and concentration issues are showing up more frequently, and this could just be the beginning. At the same time, there are many outstanding apps on the Internet, apps that are entertaining, apps that provide access to knowledge, apps that contribute positively to early childhood development.

The solution to this conundrum, this clash of open access and safe access, is called FairBear. With FairBear, parents can keep their children away from negative content and limit the amount of time that is being spent on the Internet at once. An app for the whole family, FairBear can switch easily between Fair Mode (for the kids) and Parent Mode (for the parents).

Fair Mode, which provides a personal sandbox environment with all the apps and features that the parents have approved.

Parent Mode, which provides a dashboard through with the Fair Mode can be customized, viewed, and analyzed, all in the interest of developing a training schedule and difficulty plan.

Setting up FairBear is simple: you install the app on kids’ devices, set up a parental PIN for moving in and out of Fair Mode, and activate Fair Mode. From there, you exert full control over your devices and protect your kids, promoting learning, encouraging training with our brain puzzles and exercises, and directing your children’s Internet usage in a positive and productive way.

Trainers: Kids just love playing games and rarely stop by themselves. FairBear lets kids play as much time as they deserve by solving puzzles from brain training apps called Trainers.

Prizes and Rewards: With FairBear you can create your own reward or prize manually or you can choose a recommended ones from the market. Just set it’s price and watch the magic happen.

Parental tasks: Don’t want your kids to stick to device screens? Bring real action in form of parental tasks with video and photo confirmation feature.

GPS Tracker: Thanks to GPS Tracker, keeping track of children with their phones is an easy task.

Family Chat: Share and discuss in your inner circle. All chats, voice messages, photos & videos can be archived automatically to FairBear cloud.

Internet Firewall: We monitor millions of web sites and apps and let you control what content is accessible by your family members.

Remote Control: Adjust settings and monitor kids’ activities in real-time. Push notifications will keep you updated about important events.

AD Blocking: Protect your kids from annoying ads to avoid distraction, time and money loss.

Activity Reports: Know your kids better: what they watch, browse or play and, of course, what is their training progress.

Paul Kofmann (Project creator) is a happy husband and father of two beautiful girls. Being born in a software developer’s family, Paul and his brother Alex got really early access to computers and demonstrated an indescribable interest towards them. The time they could spend in front of a display was restricted by many means – unplugged cord, BIOS password and even special first-generation time trackers for MS-DOS. But what the kids quickly understood is that instead of asking or demanding there is a better way of earning and deserving. So more than 20 years ago the idea of FairBear was actually formed.

Paul has started a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising €29,000. The fund raised will be spent on development of new features and trainer apps, thorough testing and bug-fixing and localization to many-many languages, of course, so every family around the globe gets its FairBear.

Paul says “Our small but well-arranged team consists of young and talented minds from all around the globe. Many of us have their own children, who eventually became the early testers. But the main thing really uniting us is a simple desire to make the world a bit fairer place. We hope our efforts will be recognized by many other parents.

FairBear is going to improve family lives and better futures all around the world. Affordable and effective, this is an Internet control solution that is sure to become widespread, which is exactly what we as a company want. The more people can benefit from FairBear, the happier we will be.”

Now, we open the demo version. The Full-featured version will be available on April 1st, 2017. You, Kickstarter backers, will get your subscriptions upon release and may activate them when the service becomes paid.
Have a look at the Kickstarter link below for more information:

Also please take some time to share this campaign across your social networks and encourage your friends and family to support.

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