Wednesday 18 July 2018
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Ether Wars – A sci-fi strategic dice rolling game

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A dice game of worker placement, resource management, and area control with asymmetric powers. Are you worthy of dominating the Ether?


Ether Wars is a dice rolling game of worker-placement and area control in which two to four players with asymmetric powers fight for control of the Ether. It has been playtested in dozens of conventions and these have been the best-liked elements:

  • Your troops are represented by custom dice; in total there are over 50 of them! You’ll have to place, move and roll your troops to fight for the Ether.
  • It offers ample room for strategic-decision making. Will you raise a huge army, manipulate the board to surprise your opponents, hoard resources like there is no tomorrow, or just concentrate on obliterating your opponents? It’s up to you.
  • It features a strong sci-fi theme: you are not just playing a game, you represent your species in a deadly contest for the Ether!

MECHANICS : worker placement, resource management, area control, dice rolling

AGES : 14+

PLAYTIME : 90 minutes


THEME : sci-fi.



Ether Wars is a tight package. It includes more than 50 custom dice as well as many other components. Check out the images below to see for yourself!


The objective of the game is to obtain five Ether cubes. In order to do that, you will have to…

  • Choose your species, each with a different play style!
  • Deploy your dice-troops on the different areas of the board to extract resources or channel the precious Ether. After all players have placed all their troops…
  • … roll to fight! In the normal extraction areas, a battle will be triggered if a Hero die is present. In the Ether Ridge… there’s always battle! Only the highest scoring player will be able to extract resources and channel Ether.
  • Use those resources to heal, move, and feed your troops; or even channel more Ether!
  • Go to the citadel and clone your units, trade resources or buy favours. 

It’s not a simple task to explain a game in such a short space. Check out the video below for a more detailed overview, courtesy of Board to Death!

You can also take a peek at the complete rules to get a better grasp of all the specific mechanics and their interaction.

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