Wednesday 18 July 2018
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End Sugar Cravings With Seynani

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Tired of sugar cravings? Here’s the solution – Seynani, an all natural dietary supplement.

“Our Story”

Have you ever wondered why sugar compels so many of us to binge eat? Why you start off planning to eat a couple of Oreo’s, only to wind up eating the whole sleeve? Why you plan to eat a small dish of ice cream, then scarf down the entire carton? Have you tried to cut back on sugar only to realize how difficult it is? That’s because, according to a Princeton study written by Dr. Bart Hoebel, sugar is as addictive as cocaine, heroin, and alcohol!

Sugar addiction is something people don’t think much about, but sugar addiction is real. There are serious health issues associated with sugar, along with mounting health care costs. Sugar cravings keep people from losing weight and staying healthy.

That’s why our founders, Robert, Alex, and Matt, created Seynani–to help people struggling with everyday sugar urges. Seynani is an all natural dietary supplement that empowers consumers to say “No” to sugar and artificial sweeteners, “No” to empty calories and weight gain, “No” to sugar related diseases, and “Hello” to a long healthy life.

Join the fight against sugar

Sugar has a hold over us–more powerful than we want to admit!

The average American consumes over 130 lbs of sugar a year. Sugar is linked to diabetes, obesity, hypertension, depression, headaches and fatigue. By cutting out added sugar from your diet you would consume 500 fewer calories a day. 500 fewer calories adds up to significant weight loss. Help people end sugar’s hold over them. Help people move toward living a truly healthy life.


How Seynani Works

Seynani’s herbal blend naturally fills the sweet taste receptor locations on the taste buds on your tongue, thereby preventing their activation by sugar molecules. Seynani naturally, safely, temporarily, block your ability to taste sweet.

Seynani is a conditioning tool. By modulating the taste of sweet we can alter the brain’s chemical and behavioral response to sweet. We take away the craving for sweet by removing the taste of sweet from food naturally and temporarily. Chocolate without sweet is only bitter. Soft drinks without sweet are only fizzy colored water.”

About Project Creator:

Words from the inventor – Robert Condry

My journey started with my Great Grandmother, Grandma Forest, a Choctaw Indian woman who taught her daughter, my Grandmother, Myrtle Tolleson, about the properties of the plants that filled the fields and woods around our home in Arkansas I remember Grandma guiding me, helping me gather healing, nurturing, plants, teaching me to respect all life, and showing me the value of the living things that fill our world.

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