Saturday 18 August 2018
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Emergent Ground

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Who We Are

Emergent Ground combines the power of art as a cultural catalyst – capable of conveying meaning and shifting perceptions – with the power that design has to generate innovative functional solutions for community needs.

What We Believe

The built environment has a major impact on how we feel, how we interact, how we see ourselves and our communities reflected in our surroundings. The overall organization, spatial qualities, and material details of the built environment are reflective of the worldviews of those who designed it. We need to diversify the art and design fields shaping our built environment – especially architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and public art. Having equal access to participate in shaping our surroundings and the systems we live in is foundational for social justice.

What We Do

Our integrated arts and design programming equips youth – primarily youth of color, ages 14-24, from disenfranchised communities – with the skills, tools, and resources to be leaders in re-envisioning and re-making our world.

Vision + Mission

Emergent Ground is a social justice initiative that integrates art and design to bring about positive transformation in the built environment through youth-centered education and community-based projects. We envision youth and communities of color at the forefront of building a more socially-just, peaceful, and ecologically-viable world.


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