Tuesday 17 July 2018
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Elegant & Modern Designs: An “App” for a 1-Stop Shop

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E&M wants to create an “app” a 1-Stop Shop for event services: A planned event in the palm of your hand.

Elegant and Modern Designs will be a 1-Stop online shop for affordable event services ranging from floral designs to yummy desserts.

Our homegrown idea of business is to create handcrafted floral arrangements and home-baked desserts such as customized cake-pops and cakes at affordable prices for unforgettable memorable events.

Coordinating a party is hard enough but with our business, people will save time and money by providing elegant floral arrangements and yummy desserts for any party or event.

Our Mission

Elegant and Modern Design’s mission is to create elegant and modern designs and delicious sweet desserts for memorable and unforgettable occasions at an affordable price.
We are humanitarians at heart and hope to develop and maintain partnerships with philanthropic organizations to raise funds for school programs, scholarships and provide support to enhance education for students.
We will strive to provide excellent customer service and meet our customers’ needs.


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